Month of

Perfect for the DIY couple who just want that peace of mind of a coordinator the month leading up to the day and to be there on the day.

With your dedicated wedding day coordinator on hand, we will ensure every detail you have tirelessly planned is executed flawlessly.


Still want to plan your special day but need a little bit of assistance?

Our partial planning service is perfect for the couple who has either already started planning but would like some help tying it all together and executing it to perfection or would just like some support in their planning.

Full wedding

Our full wedding planning and coordination service is best for the busy couple who would prefer to have their wedding day planned and project managed by a professional.

From the stationery, your celebrant, the music down to the favours. Think of us as your silent bridesmaid. We have got you covered.

Full planning, concept
design & styling

The crème de la crème of our wedding services.

Our Full Planning, Concept Design and Styling service is best for the couple who would like to have all the bells and whistles for their wedding day curated and designed for them. Ideal for weddings on private properties and properties without any management or in-house staffing. We will create your day as a whole whilst also focusing on the aesthetics and visual appeal of your wedding. We will be there from first thing in the morning to set it all up right until the very end to pack it all away. We will be there to individually tie your napkins, get our hands dirty with a hot glue gun and get up in the rafters with a ladder to help your florist with your installations.

& Events

So we hear you want an epic party?

Awesome! We love a good party! Whether it be your little one’s birthday party, a baby shower, an engagement party or a corporate event, we will work with you and your brief to create an event that inspires and evokes excitement.